The best way to make sure that your place of work is safe, hygienic and free from danger is to literally start from the ground up and concentrate on your flooring. It may not seem like it, but the floor in your workplace can pose one of the biggest hazards to your workers and clients. No matter what sector you work in, it is absolutely crucial to make certain that your choice of commercial or industrial flooring is suitable for your business.

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Here are few questions that you need to ask yourself

  • Is your floor regularly swept, mopped and cleaned?

An unclean floor can pose a significant risk to Workplace health and safety.

  • Are there any cracks, tears, holes or other damaged areas in your floor?

Badly maintained flooring is one of the major causes of workplace accidents.

  • Not only this but did you know that many Australian health and safety standards apply to flooring?

If your business is not meeting these requirements, you could be risking hefty penalties. By keeping your floors in top shape and making sure that you have appropriate flooring for your business, you can drastically reduce the risk of accidents or injuries and keep your work site safe for everyone.

Top tips on how to make sure your floor is safe for work

Choose the right flooring for your business

A sure way to stop workplace accidents is to make sure that you have the right floor for your needs. From a polyurethane floor to epoxy floors, there is a perfect floor for any type of business. By installing the right flooring material for your work environment, you will provide your employees, co-workers and customers a safe place in which to do business.

A well-maintained floor will prevent accidents

Well-maintained flooring can prevent accidents. By making sure that any damaged areas of your floor are repaired, you can guard against slips, trips and falls. Always be on the lookout for any tears, scuffs or worn parts of your flooring. Over time, even the highest quality flooring will begin to show signs of wear, so make sure that you keep a close eye on your floor.

Keep a clean floor and prevent sickness

No matter how pristine your workplace is, every floor needs to be regularly cleaned to stop the spread of bacteria, spores and dirt. Stains and spills that are left unattended can pose significant health risks. We recommend cleaning your floor with a recommend cleaning agent at least once a week, and more often if your business involves food, chemicals or biological substances.

Be certain that you meet all regulations

There are many health and safety regulations surrounding flooring. For example, commercial kitchen flooring or healthcare flooring both have a strict set of rules and requirements that must be adhered to.

Ensuring your team is safe in your work environment

Contact Clifford Flooring if you need advice on what floor will best help for your business environment which is safe for your team and meet your OH and S obligations.