In order for businesses such as veterinarians, grooming salons, kennels and catteries to best care for our furry companions, they need to install the appropriate industrial floor coatings.

Dogs and cats can be incredibly hard on flooring and special provisions need to be taken to make certain that our pets stay happy and healthy. That means that any floor that deals with large amounts of animal traffic need to be hygienic, stain resistant, easily cleaned and hard-wearing.

Choosing the right floor means that vets, caretakers and other service providers can provide a safe and comfortable environment for our pets.

Epoxy floors have long been the preferred flooring choice for those who work with animals. As epoxy flooring is highly durable and easy to clean, it is the perfect flooring material for any business that regularly deals with animals of all shapes and sizes.


Benefits of Epoxy Flooring and why it is the smartest flooring choice for Vets and Kennel Owners like

Our flooring expert team from Clifford Flooring has provided some information on the many benefits of epoxy flooring and why it is beneficial for vets and kennel owners

A durable and long-lasting floor

Every pet owner knows all too well the damage that our furry friends can inadvertently cause to our floors. Scratches, stains and rips are common in flooring materials that are not designed to stand up to high levels of animal traffic. Any workplace that deals with dogs, cats and other animals on a daily basis needs to have a floor that can cope with a constant wear and tear. Epoxy floors are incredibly hard wearing and tough enough to withstand even the sharpest claws!

Easy to clean and maintain

When you work with animals it is crucial to make sure your floors are easy to clean and highly stain resistant. A floor that can be cleaned quickly will help to avoid spreading germs or infections not only to other animals but also to staff members and customers. Epoxy flooring has a smooth surface that makes cleaning easy. It can also be treated with anti-bacterial coatings to ensure that any nasty accidents are dealt with efficiently and safely. The chemical resistant properties of epoxy flooring mean that it will not absorb any biological matter that is spilled onto it, a huge consideration for any business that deals with animals! As an added feature, epoxy flooring can also be treated with anti-slip coatings to guard against any potential accidents.

A gentler option for our four-legged friends

One of the most often overlooked benefits of epoxy floors is the fact that they are comprised of a highly flexible material. This means that epoxy floors are much gentler on the paws of animals, providing them with a surface that is softer to walk on than treated concrete or wood floors.

If you work with animals and searching for the perfect flooring option?

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