With so many flooring systems on the market today, it can be difficult to choose one that will meet the requirements of your business while also being attractive and hard wearing.

One of the more popular retail, commercial and industrial flooring choices come by way of the fantastic flake flooring options available from our Decoflake™ flooring range.

Decoflake™ is an epoxy flooring system that consists of a mixture of coloured dry paint flakes, giving it a distinctive look and a unique character reminiscent of classic terrazzo flooring. Suitable for a range of applications, Decoflake™ will give your floor a bright and pleasant feel.

Why Decoflake™ may be the perfect flooring system for your environment?

Decoflake™ Floors look fantastic

Designed to mimic the classic beauty and textures of terrazzo and granite flooring, Decoflake™ is surely an eye-catching choice. Perfect for retail spaces, a great choice for commercial kitchen flooring and popular as healthcare flooring, Decoflake™ is both decorative and practical.

Decoflake floors are designed to last

As Decoflake™ is made using hard-wearing epoxy, it will last for years. Able to stand even the heaviest day-to-day traffic, you will find that Decoflake™ not only looks good it is also a tough and extremely durable flooring option. This makes it an ideal option for retail spaces, childcare facilities, veterinary clinics, healthcare facilities and other places where the floor needs to deal with high volume use.

Decoflake™ floors are practical

Decoflake™ floors have a number of highly practical characteristics. As they are seamless, they are easy to clean. Decoflake™ floors can be treated with anti-slip coatings to improve their adhesive qualities. This can even be done only in selected high-traffic areas. It is also possible to treat a Decoflake™ floor with an anti-bacterial coating, making it highly hygienic, resistant to stains and allergy free.

Decoflake™ floors are cost effective

One of the most attractive elements of Decoflake™ flooring is the cost factor. This flooring system is extremely affordable when compared to other options. Choosing a Decoflake™ floor will not only improve the look of your business, it will also boost your bottom line!

Decoflake™ floors are versatile

There are literally hundreds of applications for Decoflake™ flooring! It is a perfect flooring system for work places such as busy retail shops, healthcare clinics, boarding kennels, schools, amenities and many more. Truly, Decoflake™ is one of the most versatile, practical and attractive flooring systems on the market today.

To discover why Decoflake™ is such a popular option, contact the team at Clifford Flooring today!

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