Motor Vehicle Workshops are a Demanding Environment, with the floor subjected to Damage by Frequent Heavy Traffic, Oils, Chemicals and Impact, which can Severely affect the Safety and Efficiency of the Workplace.

Vehicles require a range of different Fluids to Maintain their Upkeep, and it is not unusual for leaks to occur or for Oils, Solvents and Chemicals to be spilt, during Maintenance Repairs and Servicing.

Motor Vehicle Workshops are also exposed to Heavy Traffic and High Impact from Tools or Equipment, being Dropped.

If the Correct Flooring System is not used, or the concrete does not have a Floor Coating, it will Compromise the Integrity of the concrete, which will lead to sections of the concrete being Damaged, Cracking or, one or more of many other Issues. This damage, lends itself to Corrosion and Possible Safety Concerns for Workers. It also becomes Extremely Expensive to Repair, whilst being Very Inconvenient and Disruptive to the Operation of the Workshop.


Gordon Crockett from Clifford Flooring, who has been involved in numerous National and International Flooring Projects, sees many Clients who have too often Experienced Failures in their Flooring Systems, due to having INCORRECTLY PROPOSED FLOORING SYSTEMS, OR THOSE THAT HAVE JUST BEEN POORLY INSTALLED.

He says it is Imperative that Specifically Tailored Flooring Systems, designed to meet the Physical Demands of the Automotive Industry, be used.

Common Injuries in Motor Vehicle Workshops include Slips, Trips and Falls, and as such, a Floor System with the Correct Slip Resistance Properties, is Imperative in Providing a Safe Workplace Environment.

The Flooring System, must comply with the current AS 4586 – 2013 Standard: Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Material, and be able to meet a P4 rating.

The Flooring System used, must have the Correct Balance of Durability, Impact Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, whilst also Providing Oil and Chemical Resistance, be easily Maintained, and also Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal and Colour Stability,

Flooring Aesthetics also play a Major Role in the overall look and feel of a space, therefore, the correct Flooring Solution, which is also UV stable, is Highly Recommended.

Clifford Flooring are able to provide many Flooring Systems, which range from Epoxy Roll-On Coating Systems for Low  to Medium Traffic Areas, to Heavy Duty Five (5) Layer Trowel on Systems, that can be applied at a thickness of between 5-6mm, and carry a 10 PLUS YEAR SERVICE LIFE.

For more details on just what you can expect during restoration work on your floor, contact the experts at Clifford Flooring today.